Index - Catalyst Delivered Projects

Catalyst brings on-chain governance to the Cardano blockchain by allowing the community to self-determine priorities for growth. It also lets participants deploy funding to proposals that tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities that arise in the life cycle of Cardano

This page is a public showcase of all the projects funded and delivered through Cardano Catalyst. The best way to enjoy these is with a cup of coffee, tea, or other preferred beverage while seated comfortably and scrolling through. I would suggest scrolling from top to bottom and pausing to watch where the title or description looks interesting.

It is organized by type of project (e.g. Dapps, Developer Tools ...). I have taken some liberty to create the following categories that traverse the categories that existed from fund 1 till now. The link will take you to the page with all delivered projects in each category.

A handful of proposals were left out due to not having a working video, if you feel your proposal is missing or is miscategorized then please get in touch and we can amend it.