Catalyst DApps & Integration

Projects delivered by the Cardano community thanks to the funding from Project Catalyst in DApps and Integration categories. Includes projects that have submitted their close-out video reports

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Cardano-based Marketplace


What does it do?: The marketplace will allow any user to sell any verifiable token on the Cardano blockchain using smart contracts written in Plutus.

Paper wallet terminal for in a shop


What does it do?: A terminal at a shop where a customer can give the shop owner paper money. The customer gets an ADA wallet with the deposited amount

Comprehensive NFT Framework Collab


What does it do?: Coordinate an NFT DAO that implements all NFT DApp requirements to build a penultimate composable NFT Framework—a WAX Killer on Cardano.

API for Multi-Delegation Portfolios


What does it do?: Our website provides a platform for community members to create and share portfolios of multiple stake pools.

Cardano Health Infrastructure


What does it do?: Providing secure Health Information Systems to Doctors & Health Facilities in Africa making them interoperable citywide or even nationwide.

Rarety - SC based NFT drop platform


What does it do?: Smart contract based CNFT drop platform that also supports trading along with royalties to support artists.

Community Pharmacy System + Vaccine Management Platform & APIs


What does it do?: We will provide: (a) Pharmacy Information System & (b) Inventory System that government & private providers can use for better management.


What does it do?: Our health solutions will provide: (a) Vaccine Information System for Doctors, (b) Vaccine Verification Platform, (c)APIs for Devs


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Project Catalyst - Funded Projects Reporting (public MVP)
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