Ethereum Trading

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Algorithmic Trading and Market Making in Ethereum (ETH) Futures and Options on the Deribit Exchange. This is a Private Project.

  • Decentralized Architecture
  • Bespoke Analytics
  • Fast Execution - sub 5ms Latency to the Exchange
  • Fast Algos - sub 1ms Algo Decision Time

Cardano DeFi

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Building Smart Contracts and Decentralized Apps for the future that run on the Cardano Blockchain. Delegate your ADA stake with us and support our effort. Cardano is here to stay and is growing to become the leading DeFi platform:

  • Stake Pool Operator. Ticker: DSIO
  • 1 Core & 1 Relay Node in Netherlands + 1 Relay in Portugal
  • Wind and Solar powered Data Centers
  • Stake your ADA with us and Contributed to our DeFi development
  • Monitored round the clock
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