Cardano DApp Wallet Connector - Demo

This Dapp is an example of how to interact between a DApp and the User's wallet and how to submit transactions to the blockchain. Source code for this front-end is available at the GitRepo: Link

What is this useful for:

You can use this code as a starting point for the following:

  • If you are building a DApp and want to connect to the user's wallet (Nami, CCVault, or Flint)
  • If you want to read the balance, the UTXOs and the available tokens at the user's wallet
  • If you want the user to interact with your DApp
  • If you want the user to send transactions to the Cardano blockchain using their wallet
  • If you want the user to lock ADA and Tokens at a Plutus Script
  • If you want the user to redeem ADA and Tokens that have been locked at the Plutus Script

How does it work:

  • It uses the wallet connector standard CIP30 and the cardano-serialization-lib
  • The CIP30 standard has been implemented by Nami, CCvault and Flint
  • It uses the cardano-serialization-lib to build transactions with the javascript front-end
  • Then it requests the user to sign the transaction using their wallet
  • Then it send the transaction through the user's wallet

Wallet Found: false

Wallet Connected: false

Wallet API version:

Wallet name:

Network Id (0 = testnet; 1 = mainnet):

UTXOs: (UTXO #txid = ADA amount + AssetAmount + policyId.AssetName + ...):

Balance Lovelace:

Change Address:

Staking Address:

Used Address:

insert an address where you want to send some ADA ...
Adjust Order Amount ...

Submitted Tx Hash: