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Projects delivered by the Cardano community thanks to the funding from Project Catalyst in the Miscellaneous category, or another that doesn't fit into the rest of the categories (DApps & Integration, Developer Ecosystem & Open Source, Decentralized Identity & Decision Making, Outreach, Community Events & Education). Includes projects that have submitted their close-out video reports

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Oracle Performance Metrics + Applying Oracle Performance Metrics


What does it do?: Periodically store performance metadata that has been appropriately signed for authenticity and provide a tool for aggregating this data.


What does it do?: Use the aggregation tool the team delivered in Fund 5 to report on Price Oracles, Random Oracles & Service Oracles

Employment Contract Dapp


What does it do?: Research on a platform for employers to set up contracts with employees, where they can reliably set up the terms and conditions.

Research dApp


What does it do?: Report on a research dapp adapted to the needs of development economists and policy researchers at the World Bank and other institutions.

Create Teaming Agreement Template


What does it do?: Create template(s) suitable to serve as teaming agreements tailored to Catalyst-funded proposals.

Cardano DLT-360 Risk Radar


What does it do?: With our powerful RADAR, we are capturing, analyzing, visualizing and periodically reporting technical, economic, legal & social challenges

Catalyst Circle Mentorship


What does it do?: Funding via Catalyst to ensure adequate time for members of the previous Circle to provide mentorship and assistance to the new Circle.

DAOJob: The HR Tooling for DAOs


What does it do?: DAOJob is a DAO-native task & job board that seamlessly integrates with Web2 distribution channels.

Smart Contract Audit Token SCAT DAO


What does it do?: Incorporate catalyst projects into the audit scope of our decentralized community-driven organization and share results through

Translation for Proposal API DATA


What does it do?: Add a step to the current proposal api to translate data using machine learning. Set aside a fund to incentivize human validators.

Control your data – privacy ledger


What does it do?: People use Profila's App to learn + exercise data rights; the privacy metadata ledger then provides legal proof = "unsubscribe on steroids"


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Project Catalyst - Funded Projects Reporting (public MVP)
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