Catalyst Decentralized Identity & Decision Making

Projects delivered by the Cardano community thanks to the funding from Project Catalyst in Decentralized Identity & Decision Making categories. Includes projects that have submitted their close-out video reports

Table of Content

Diversify Voting Influence


What does it do?: Design and evaluate a variety of voting saturation and aggregation algorithms that balances the influence of small and large stakeholders.

Indigo: Synthetic Assets on Cardano


What does it do?: Open source protocol for users to mint synths that track the price of real world assets using Plutus smart contracts and oracle price feeds.

Add SDG ratings to proposals - AIM


What does it do?: Create a mechanism to Incorporate SDG parameters and impact evaluation to match with global organizational needs and hubs.

Interoperability as growth driver


What does it do?: Facilitate documentation and integration code to the broad DID community so Cardano can be considered a suitable player in the ecosystem.

WAL-CLI Wallet-Tool for Developers


What does it do?: Provide a CLI Wallet that helps teams to accelerate the pace of their projects until a fully-featured wallet is developed.



What does it do?: CardSec is aiming to build guides and open-source testing tools solely for Cardano stake pools and dApps running Cardano nodes.

Voter Tool AIM + Voter tool translations AIM


What does it do?: Build a simple and convenient tool for voters that provides public access about proposals, CA assessments and additional information.


What does it do?: Translate and make available the voter-tool into 6 languages including Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese & Portuguese.

Open Ideas and Data For Cooperation


What does it do?: Build data pipelines off-chain to integrate proposal and community tools in a form suitable for integration by structures of accountability.

Proposal Framework Tool - AIM


What does it do?: Provide a tool that guides proposers through the process with access to numerous frameworks that assist with structure.

Open Source Credential Wallet


What does it do?: We will build an Open Source identity wallet that operates with Atala Prism Decentralized IDs and Verifiable Credentials.

Interoperability within Atala Prism


What does it do?: Provide a WIKI like documentation with standardized credential models that can be augmented by Atala Prism community

Universal Skills Authentication


What does it do?: LearnerShape will build an open protocol for universal authentication of individual skills, based on Atala PRISM

Hyperledger-Prism Interoperability


What does it do?: Providing Atala Prism with two interoperability layers  with Hyperledger Aries: DIDComm communication protocol and credential mapping.


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Project Catalyst - Funded Projects Reporting (public MVP)
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