Lisbon - Algarve 220km

This is an annual one-day cycling event that takes place in October every year between Lisbon and Algarve. Dynamic Strategies organize the event using the Cardano Beam App which uses Web3 technology to record participation, control checkpoints and distribute prizes to crypto wallets.

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The event takes place in October. The date for the next event is TBD. We will publish concrete information about this in Q2 2023

Genesis Event

The first event was held on the 29th Oct 2022. It was ridden at a leisurely pace by a group of 6 amateurs.

Drone footage


Participants in the event will get prizes distributed to their blockchain wallets.

Fixed prizes

Each finisher will receive 100 USD for completing the route, 50 at the finish line and 50 along the route + an NFTs for completing this first event of its kind.

We will distribute prizes in the Djed USD stable coin that lives on the Cardano Blockchain and go into each participant's wallet when using the Cardano Beam Mobile App.

Variable Prizes

We will transmit the participant's live position on the Cardano Beam Web App where everyone across the world can see how the participants are progressing along the route and drop additional rewards on the route.

The magic of Cardano Beam is that the distribution of prizes can be done in real-time. Using the Cardano Beam Web App, anyone can drop additional rewards along the route in the form of NFTs, the native currency of the Cardano Blockchain (ADA), or any other asset traded on the Cardano blockchain.

The event will be interactive, and the participants are expected to collect additional prizes from the community;

  • King of the mountain rewards
  • Intermediate sprint
  • NFTs of towns that the participants will pass
  • Random acts of kindness and encouragement


The event starts from Troia on the south side of Lisbon and goes along the west coast towards Algarve. The route cuts through the middle to avoid the high mountain of Monchique and ends in Vilamoura, a town in the Algarve.

  • Total distance: 220km
  • Elevation gain: 1 800 mt
  • Expected time to complete: 8 to 10 hours

GPX file for the bike computer and the map of the route is below

Video fly-over of the route

Animated Video of the Route Lisbon - Algarve 200km


The participants must download the Cardano Beam Mobile App a few days before the event and ensure it is synchronized to the blockchain. The Mobile App can be downloaded by following instructions on this page:

The Cardano Beam Mobile App will generate a new wallet address for each participant. The wallet address will need to be funded with 3 ADA to serve as collateral when collecting prizes along the way. We can help you if you are not familiar with how and where to get ADA and how to transfer between accounts.

A van and a driver from the team will support the event. The van will have a small number of essential supplies such as water, snack, tires, a pump, and other essential mechanical tools. Any participant who gets injured or doesn't want to continue in the event can spend the rest of the time in the van.

How to take part

You will need to buy an NFT ticket to get access to the event.

How this part will work is still TBD for the October 2023 event. We will publish concrete information about this in Q2 2023

Expected Weather

Expect the weather to be between 13 and 24 degrees celsius with the wind blowing from North West. The wind usually blows from the north, so the participants will likely benefit from the tailwind. Historical averages are here



We created the route for the event with the help of the local cycling community. Further discussions about the route are possible on a local forum: