Cardano Beam Tokenomics

Cardano Beam is a protocol that adds GPS location to Assets on the Cardano Blockchain. It rewards users for their physical presence at a certain place at a certain time. Physical presence is anywhere on the World Map.

It is any for anyone who ever wanted to incentivize an individual to be at a certain location be it out of need or out of love (e.g. POAP). A form of a location-based nudge that could alter people’s behavior in a predictable way without limiting any options or significantly changing their economic incentives.

Its core functionality is placing and redeeming assets from the world map. On top of this core functionality, Add-ons will be built to support specific use cases

Use cases

Event Organisers - Organisers place NFTs and ADA rewards at the finish line for those who registered. Participants register for events with their wallet ids. Example event: Lisbon - Algarve 200km

Charity Donations - Friends monitor the progress of their favorite cyclist/runner/walker in the Web DApp in real-time and place rewards on the route to cheer up.

Business Advertising - Local Cafes, Restaurants, and Shops place rewards near them to attract foot traffic. Clients pick them up and then redeem them for discounts.

Governments - Increase voter participation at local elections by placing curated NFTs near voting booths. Manage foot traffic at an ecological location by issuing a limited number of Visas on a first come first serve basis, and monitoring the movement of visitors.

Lifestyle & Gaming - Geocaching or a Pokemon Go type game with HOSKY tokens. Encourages movement and physical exercise. Create teams that compete to collect different types of tokens.

Parcel Deliveries - Tip the parcel delivery couriers by placing ADA next to your house. Only their wallet can collect and only if they arrive before lunchtime tomorrow.


Cardano Beam generates income by charging a fee in ADA every time an Asset is placed on the world map. The cost of redeeming an asset from the map is included in the cost of placing the asset and therefore it is free for those who pick up the asset.

The total costs of a roundtrip transaction, placing and redeeming an asset, is ~2.9 ADA + the Asset. This cost is paid by those who place assets on the map and is split as follows:

  • ~1.3 ADA that needs to be sent with every asset and is dictated by the Cardano protocol
  • 0.4 ADA to cover smart contract execution cost
  • 0.18 ADA Cardano transaction fee
  • 1 ADA Cardano Beam service fee

The transaction cost for redeeming the asset gets deducted from the 1.3 ADA that is sent with the asset. So the user that redeems the assets, in the end, receives the Asset + just over 1 ADA.

The Cardano Beam service fee is set at 1 ADA which is the minimum amount of ADA that can be included in a transaction. The fee is included in the transaction when placing the asset on the map and is sent to a Cardano address where the fees are accumulated

The Cardano Beam protocol, therefore, earns 1 ADA for every asset that is placed on the map. This is the income stream of the Base protocol. Add-ons for additional use cases may establish additional fees in the future.


The income stream of the protocol comes from the service fee of 1 ADA per asset placed on the map. This income will be accumulated at a Cardano address and be redeemable by BEAM token holders in a proportional amount to their holding.

Cardano Beam protocol issued 100 million "BEAM" tokens. The supply of BEAM tokens will remain fixed and no further issuance is possible. Policy ID b1a80ea5d4b5c9f8d550fb9fa9fe53433903f420a449c8977b3470fa

Allocation of BEAM tokens:

  • 40% for Team Members vesting linearly over 3 years
  • 30% for the Development Fund to fund the development of the protocol.
  • 20% for Early Adopters distributed linearly over 3 years
  • 10% for Partnerships

The Cardano Beam is developed by Dynamic Strategies, a company incorporated in Portugal.