Sports have an immense impact on a person's daily life and health. They give you an interesting routine and a healthy body. Indulging in physical activity improved your heart function, reduces risk of diabetes and reduces stress levels. At Dynamic Strategies we promote this by sponsoring events, building tools and providing analytics.

A live tracking system for Running and Cycling where the location of athletes is monitored in realtime. A payout in tokens for being first, second or third past a checkpoint is sent to the athletes wallet (e.g. first to the top of the mountain) or payout just for participating.

Sport Events

Register athletes based on their wallet ID that is generated within the app

Activity Recording

Record sport activity in the mobile app and see location of others

Athlete Tracking

Location tracking via centralised web application. Recording to blockchain is work-in-progress.

Community Engagement

Tokens placed at key locations on the map and distributed to the wallet of athletes upon them passing that checkpoint

Athletes transmit their location using an app on their phone. The app also manages the crypto wallet where rewards are paid. Data is transmitted live with ~1 second latency.

The desktop app lets you track where the athletes are. The app is in *Beta*

We publish Betting Odds so that our client can make informed decisions when Placing Bets or Making Markets on Tennis matches of the ATP tour. We use bespoke algorithms that have been developed by data scientists.