GPS based Assets on the Cardano Blockchain. This is a value transfer system of ADA, Tokens and NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain combined with Live tracking system where Users share their location in real-time.

Important! Cardano Beam is in Alpha testing. Web DApp available to the Public on the Testnet. Mobile DApp not released yet.


Open Platform, No Subscription. Anyone can place an Asset (ADA, Token or NFT) on the World Map using the Web DApp


Assets are collected using the Cardano Beam Mobile DApp with an Integrated Wallet

Live Tracking

Activate Live Tracking in the Mobile DApp and let others see where you are, live, in the Web DApp

For Sport Events

Register Athletes based on their Public Key, Track Progress and Payout prizes along the Route

For Charity Donations

Support Participants of Events by placing rewards along the route while the event is ongoing

For Businesses

Advertise your Business by placing NFTs and Tokens next to your cafe, store, voting booth ... and attract visitors

Flat Fees

Flat Fee of 1 ADA for Placing Assets + blockchain transaction fees. Picking up Assets with the Mobile DApp is free.

No Concurrency Issues

Assets are locked at separate UTXOs - No Concurrency Issues. A user can redeem multiple Assets at the same time

"BEAM" Governance Token

BEAM token holders receive 100% of the fees generated by the platform in proportion of their holding every 5 days. The platform fees are generated by charging 1 ADA for placing an Asset on the Map
BEAM tokens are Distributed to Delegators of Stake Pool DSIO every 5 days at a ratio of 1 BEAM per 100k ADA delegated.

Mobile DApp - in Internal Testing. Not available to the public yet

Users transmit their location using an app on their phone. The app also manages the crypto wallet where rewards are paid. Data is transmitted live with ~3 second latency.