Plan for the Next Days

The first two days of the workshop covered the basics of blockchains, crypto and Cardan. The third and fourth days will focus on practical aspects of building on Cardano. We will go over setting up the machine to run the Cardano infrastructure, connect it to the network, mint Cardano assets and execute a few smart contracts.

The person teaching the workshop needs to be familiar with launching Linux virtual machines on cloud providers and connecting to them through SSH. And should arrange to provide enough virtual machines so students can work in pairs.  

We have had success with two cloud providers: Google Cloud and Contabo. We are not affiliated with any of these and do not receive a referral fee.  

Table of Content

Plan for the day

Connecting to the Blockchain

  • Discuss minimum server conditions
  • Connect to a Linux remote machine
  • Install necessary software
  • Launch Node & Blockchain Indexer

Create a Wallet

  • Create an address
  • Discuss different keys
  • Fund it with Test Ada (tADA)

Mint Assets and NFTs

  • Mint test tokens
  • Mint an NFT with a picture

Launch Smart Contract

  • Build and Run an Always Succeeds smart contract
  • Lock 10 tADA in the smart contract
  • Redeem 10 tADA from the smart contract
  • Discuss what are: Datum, Redeemer and Context

Where to go Next

  • Available resources for developers


  1. Understand the basic principles of Cardano Tech stack
  2. Develop skills and knowledge to launch a Cardano node and connect it to the blockchain
  3. Learn how to create Cardano addresses and send Ada
  4. Acquire knowledge of minting assets and NFTs
  5. Learn how to use build, launch and interact with smart contracts

Note that writing smart contracts is beyond the scope of the workshop. The students will be given enough information on where to go next to learn how to write smart contracts.


Google Cloud


How to Set Up a Cardano Stake Pool - Coincashew


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